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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How-To Tuesday: Printable Etsy Labels

I have been looking at several options for more professional labeling for my napkins, particularly for selling in person at a local consignment store or at upcoming craft shows. I looked at how other mass-marketed napkin sets were packaged and found out several things: 1-most of them used more packaging than I felt comfortable with (too much waste!) and 2-many of the options would be outside of my budget. I enjoy do-it-yourself projects but since I have no expertise in graphic design, I did want them to turn out like a 3rd grade science project! Then I saw these customizable wedding products and they seemed like a perfect alternative to use!

Tools needed:

blank customizable wedding stationary


cutting utensil


Step 1: Check out your local craft store (and remember to check Marshalls, TJ Maxx and other chain discount stores!) I found this package on clearance at Micheals and several more packages on clearance at Marshall's for $0.99, so they were all a good deal! Things to look for: choose a shape/size that will work for your product and make sure that the "how-to" directions on the back include an online template (if not, the products are just for writing on them by hand!)

Step 2: Go to the company's website and pull up the template that goes with the product you purchased. Change to whatever design/font, etc. you want. (The product I purchased was supposed to be for a menu!)

Step 3: print your design and then remove from perforation if applicable.

Step 4: Using either a rotary cutter or a X-acto knife, cut small incision the width of your ribbon. I used a ruler to measure half an inch from each side.

Step 5: Thread ribbon through incisions on label and tie onto product.

I hope to eventually have professional labels made with recycled paper, but for the time being, these inexpensive options have really made my napkins look a lot more professional!



Team Homefront said...

They are wonderful!!!! Congrats on a great job!

nikid said...

Nice job Heather - they look great!

laura evans/photography said...

they look gorgeous & thanks for the tutorial!

Julie said...

Wow! They look wonderful!

giraffelabel said...

they look fantastic!!

EtsyFoodSnob said...

Loves it! Always looking for new packaging ideas!

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