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Thursday, December 31, 2009

a toast to things to come...

fabric applique and embroidery hoop art work-in-progress for my shop

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song..."
-Maya Angelou
May you find your song and passion this coming year!
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weapons of Mass Craftiness

My apologies for the cheesy title :) But I love cheesy and my new crafty tools so I had to share!

Watch out, world! I have a yo-yo maker and pins!
(What can I do with those, you ask?)

I am so glad you asked :) How about a cute yo-yo and felt holly pin for the holidays?

Or how about a cute little wristlet to keep mommy's goodies in...with a fun flower made of fabric, felt and, yes...wait for it...a yo-yo!

Some really small things make me happy...polka dots and my little labels to name two!

AND, if you feel like adding a little fabric and felt bling to your outfit, just un-pin the flower from your bag and pin it to your clothes! How cool is that? (My husband tells me it is NOT as cool as I seem to think it is, but, darn it, I am proud of myself!)

What crafty tools are YOU using nowadays? Tell me about them so that I can know (um, so that I can go buy them and try 'em out)!

Friday, December 18, 2009

sacred moments...

I recently watched Stephanie Nielsen on the Oprah show (read her story here) and was struck by a phrase that was used to describe the day to day activities of a stay-at-home mom. A viewer had written in to the Oprah show describing how she hated being at home. While "hate" has never been a descriptor that I would have used to describe my feelings during this transition, I did relate to some of the frustrations that the viewer described. She visited the getting-famous blogger, Nielsen, in her home and watched her interact with her children and go about her day despite severe and painful burns all over her body. She cannot hold her children and has to wear hospital gloves to bathe them. She cannot open simple ziploc bags while packing their school lunches. The viewer was impacted on how she never realized how sacred these moments were with her children...


That word invokes thoughts and feelings of spirituality. That word invokes thoughts of a Holy Ground that requires reverence. But doesn't the Home deserve that reverence? Doesn't the Home deserve the honor of being the place we come to find solice and serenity that the world tries to steal from us?
Even though the past days have been a bit trying for all of us in our home, I hope that I remember the sacred moments that I get to share and enjoy each day at home...

Harboring a slight addiction to crafty magazines and books...enjoyed with a cup of coffee

Homemade marshmallows...dipped in chocolate with peppermint on top

Holding my sleeping son during naptime

Dreaming about what goals and ambitions I have for my creative adventures

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Memory Lane...

Recently, I asked a fellow Etsy Homefront Team member what type of uniform was in this pcture, because I didn't recognize it. (While my mother would point out that my dating history should be evidence of some sort of expertise in uniforms, I will confess that I can't read rank, rate or any other pertinent information that I am probably supposed to know...) My husband has changed uniforms more times than I can remember...but I will always be a little nostalgic about that young 21 year old sailor in a dixie cup hat that I fell in love with...

Returning home from our first deployment together-we made USA Today's top pictures of the year with our kiss!

Last "ship" deployment...I guess I can get used to the tan and the new hat...

What all the cool (hot?) sailors are wearing today...
My sailor has reenlisted in that dixie cup, traded a uniform for tshirt and jeans when the Navy put him through college, put on the shoulder boards that came with an officer's commission and traded the "haze gray" Navy for the the "brown water" Navy. No matter what uniform he has worn, he proudly follows in his grandfather's footsteps...and the footsteps of all the men and women who have worn the many uniforms of the Armed Services.
May we remember all of those in uniform as we approach this Christmas, particularly if they are away from home during this time. And may we also remember the families, who may not wear the uniform themself, but look forward to the day that their loved one returns home wearing theirs.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I am a business lady who lunches...

or at least drinks coffee. For those who have known me a long time, this is a new phenomenon. I still only appreciate my coffee with equal parts creamer, whipped cream and with chocolate sprinkles on top, but caffiene has truly become my friend on the mornings after late nights sewing...

I am part of the Homefront Team on Etsy and I am super happy to be apart of such a smart, supportive, and talented group of people who happen to also be military spouses. They announced their "Bits and Pieces Challenge" shortly after I became a member and I knew I wanted to participate...but what to make? What better than the perfect pair of patchwork accessories to celebrate being a new business woman (who relies on alot of coffee!)

Coffee Couture with a little patchwork pouch

the cozy is reversible and my new business cards fit perfectly inside

Made from Moda Momo Wonderland fabric scraps from a baby quilt made months ago...

If you think my little patchwork creation deserves to win, just go to the photos on the Homefront Team's Facebook page, click on the photos and leave a comment to vote for me. However, there are some VERY talented ladies that have created some amazing entries, so check out them all before you vote...