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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday Finds-We are family!

As an extension of thinking about my identity as a mother, my mind ran to thoughts of what family meant to me, my identity as a member of an adoptive family and of my pending certification as a foster parent who wishes to adopt...In celebration of all the branches of my family tree, present and future, I wanted to share some of my favorite handmade goodies for families-adoptive or otherwise! Enjoy!

1. Eventually necklace with Pearl by therhouse
2. Egg family with dog by Asher Jasper
3. Customizable Pear Tree wall art by khamm75
4. Young Family-babywearing set of six by Earth Slings
5. Customized S. Korean Paperweight by Dos Besitos
6. Adoption Definition Tee by therhouse
7. Chosen long-sleeved tee by LKD Kids
8. Love Makes a Family Open Edition Print by Barking Bird Art
9. "There has always been a special branch on our family tree just for you" print by kilsook

(PS. This next week should be our final home study and our complete package should be sent to the state foster care licensing board by the end of the month. But we have had our patience challenged with delay after delay...All in the right timing, right? Prayers, good vibes, similar frustrations shared all welcome!)


nikid said...

Great finds!!! Off to look and shop!

Janna said...

Adorable stuff! Thanks for sharing!

I'm curious about your foster to adopt plans. How many children do you want to adopt? Do you have a preference for ages or gender?

Oh and not that it matters, but I wrote a riveting comment on yesterday's post and then one of my babies walked by and hit the keyboard and it deleted it and I was too frustrated to write it all out again...sigh... Anyway, I'm loving the more 'personal' blog :)

Heather said...

Janna-we change daily how large we would like our family to be. Two to four more, would be nice...As far as age and gender, we are pretty open. Right now, for our first placement, we are requesting going in "age order" (so 3 and under) but are pretty open for whatever needs arise!

And I would always love to hear whatever riveting thoughts you have! LOL at your kiddos deleting your comment ;)

BlueRoomGems said...

Wonderful collection! I will pray that your family building efforts continue smoothly and without delay. Nothing worse than waiting, but your LO will no doubt be worth the wait!

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