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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Accesorize that boy!

Tired of the little girls getting all the cute accessories? Does your little man grow out of everything in rocket speed and ruin what you do get him equally fast? Never fear-this super thrifty, easy-peasy, upcycled knit scarf will add a little personalization to your little guy's wardrobe! I live in a pretty mild coastal area so this scarf blocks out the wind without being too hot like the commerical fleece options!

1. Gather cotton knit pieces...I will be making two different scarfs with these pieces. A larger t-shirt (this is an older boy's size small green tee) will make one scarf larger enough for a toddler...I used two prints for the other scarf.

2. If using pants, cut the two legs apart on the crotch (is there a better word for that?) seam.

3. Using scissors, fully open the pants legs and cut off the elastic so the fabric lays flat.

4. Cut each piece in your desired width. (I used an 8 inch width...)

Cut all your pieces to your desired width...

5. choose which way you want to put together your pieces. (I ended up going with the first layout)

6. Cut off the finished ends for the pieces that will go on the "inside" of the scarf. Leave the finished ends intact for the outer pieces.

If you are using a shirt, cut open the shirt on the sides and cut pieces either vertically or horizontally (if there is a design that you want to capture on the scarf.) If you cut horizontally (which I did to keep the design intact on the shirt, you will have to cut off a piece of the hem to sew on so that you have a finished hem.)

7. Sew all of the pieces together

If you have a design or print, make sure you place the two "right" sides together...

Sew on a label if you feel so inclined...

And, you're done!


(and for those that don't sew, stay tuned for some of my favorite boy things to buy! All handmade, of course!)


nikid said...

Nice post! How long did it take you to get it finished? I will let you do the sewing - I do not own a sewing machine!

Anonymous said...

Your little boy makes the perfect model - adorable!

Heather said...

Niki-the scarf itself took me less than 30 minutes, even with the picture taking...but tutorials do take a long time to write and post!

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