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About Me

Thanks for coming to my little space on the World Wide Web! I am trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up but am loving life in the moment now! I am a proud Navy wife, mother and homemaker. I am passionate about taking care of the Earth that was intrusted to us and sharing how living sustainably can be a part of everyone's life. I love to craft,cook, and create and those loves come out in my business Camp Cupcake Designs. Through this outlet, I hope to share what I know, learn from others what I don't and hopefully inspire people to use their hands to create the life around them! I ain't perfect but I love to try and I can't wait to see where this road takes me...

Things I love:
jogging...(very slowly!)
sour green apples and extra sharp cheddar
pears and blue cheese (see a trend?)
kneading bread by hand
my Kitchen Aid stand mixer
vintage linens
modern fabrics
my Dansko clogs
cupcakes (of course!)