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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Work-in-Progress Wednesday (a day late!)

I was a tad bit busy yesterday living a little bit of my old life but I am back at home this morning full force! Not only to I have a ton of ideas motivating me to be busy with Camp Cupcake Designs today, I returned home to a sick baby...To keep me moving forward with projects and to be inspired with what other people are working on, I wanted to start sharing what projects are currently on my quilt rack (or shelves, or bed, or floor...where ever they may fall!)

First up:
The first quilt top I ever made...therefore, my longest work-in-progess ever. And I hate it (thus, why I am taking so long to finish it!) I am machine quilting it on my regular sewing machine (it is queen sized...) and this causes much colorfull language to spill from the craft room. It has too much blank space that I am trying to fill up with some cool vereigated color thread and I am still not sold on whether it will look decent. I downright don't want to hand bind (picture my lips all pouted out and me stomping my foot!) But the hubby says that I have already put so much time and energy into this stupid thing, that I must finish it. So, I share this with you so that you can keep me accountable!

It is the world's most simple disappearing 9-patch pattern made with only one layer cake...for those that don't know quilting, this is NOT alot of fabric to make a queen sized quilt, thus I added lots of off-white fabric to make it big enough. THUS, it is stupid looking...

Crap, I have a long way to go...

Feel free to tell me how terrible this quilt is and that I don't need to finish it :)

Something actually cute! I found a 25 cent bag of colored suade in a bin at my local thrift store...I hand washed it and made these super simple baby shoes for a friend's new baby. I haven't a clue what kind of suade this is, but is a super duper soft and supple. I love making baby shoes for some bizarre reason!

I last posted about charitable crafting and the Quilting for Peace book that I love...Only days before writing that post I had requested a quilt kit from the Quilting from Peace-featured Quilt for Kids website and they estimated that it would take 1-2 weeks to get to me. So, it was like Christmas when UPS brought me fabric in the mail the same day I wrote that post. I am excited about putting together this quilt (it is a simple pattern as shown below) in the next weeks. The kit did come with the challenge to make another out of my own fabric to send back with it, so my mind is brimming with some ideas to put together! (I think that I am going to use this Robert Kaufman/Amy Schimler-designed fabric made especially for Quilts for Kids!)

All the fabrics come in the kit-including the backing and the binding. All you have to add is batting! Check out this super simple block pattern (and the directions are included and easy to follow!)

Are you motivated to try a quilt for the first time? Read this great stories about how these quilts are put to good use for sick kids. These quilts go to children hospitalized for extended stays and partners with the Children's Miracle Network. Just fill out this request and a kit can be on its way to you!

(P.S. I am not related to anyone at Quilts for Kids or Downy-the corporate sponser for these quilt kits... But I am especially drawn to the fact that this group started after it was discovered that fabric was headed to the garbage dumps in rediculous amounts. The founder chose to rescue leftover/scrap/slightly flawed fabric and turn it into charitable sewing projects to benefit those in need...charitable crafting with a sustainable purpose-that is right up my alley!)


Liz said...

FYI, I love, love, love your queen size quilt. It is wonderful, love the stitching on the white and the layer cake fabric is beautiful. (please don't hit me!) ;)

Heather said...

Liz- no hits from me! You may actually make me want to finish the silly thing!

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