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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sharing a little Camp Cupcake...

I have a little confession-I didn't really want to run a business...I really initally just wanted two things:

1. A way to support my fabric-buying habit (obsession)

2. Have something to say when people asked that dreaded question "What do you do?"

However, I have learned in the short two and a half months that Camp Cupcake Designs has been in business is that when you treat something like something, it responds. That is, if I treat what I do as an actual business, my business responds in kind. I am learning to run my business (and my homemaking!) in a way that is intentional, defined and goal/task oriented. I am currently working on defining my business goals so that my business plan is intentionally moving in one direction.

In order to do this, I want to gather feedback from those around me- my friends and family, blog and Twitter friends, other Etsy/handmade folks and anyone else that may feel so inclined. And-wait! Here is the good part- I am offering an incentive to you giving me your two cents!
A Giveaway!

This is a small stroller blanket made from the coveted Heather Ross Medocino fabric line, backed in super soft minky fabric and has coordinating grosgrain ribbon sewn in to keep baby interested. The colors in this fabric is very modern and grown-up with a sweet underwater theme...Similar blankets (which just sold out this morning!) in my store sell for $25.00 :) Even if you don't have a girl (I know the feeling!), this blanket would make a great shower gift or a sweet doll blanket for an older child...

So, how do you get this little goody to end up at your house? I am going to make this as easy as possible...simply visit my store and give me feedback in the comments! What kind of feedback? Tell me what you like, what you don't like (I am serious!), what you would like to see in the store, what you would like to see MORE of in the store, or critique my banner/pictures/etc. Now- go forth and comment! This giveaway will be running through Sunday, January 31st and will announce the winner Monday, February 1. I will draw the winner from the comments with a random number drawer (that way, everyone is equal, regardless of positive or constructive feedback...)

PS-I would love for you to follow my blog or for you to fan Camp Cupcake Designs on Facebook! I will be sharing all the fabulous info that you give and the goals I define from that information through those forums!


Kim said...

Am I the first? I think your stuff is beautiful and so well made. I like that your baby stuff isn't especially "girly". My only tip... maybe make some luggage tags in a laminated fabric. I see the beating that my plastic luggage tags take (and even the one on my diaper bags). Your fabric is too pretty to be ruined on the first run down the luggage carousel.

Liz said...

Good idea on laminated fabric! But I love your luggage tags and people can use them on daycare bags, library bags, gym bags, etc...
Hmmm, I love your napkins and luggage tags (big surprise) and I would LOVE to see market bags. You have fantastic fabrics and you know how to make them. And, you should make that car CD holder that I posted on my blog because once again, you have fantastic fabrics and you would do an amazing job. ;)

Cams said...

Your store has great ambiance, did I spell that right?=) I love the photos, bright and clear. Your tags are varied, but I would like more options in dinner napkin color combos. Maybe some bright ones like red and gold or yellow. Or maybe some olive green with red and cream? Who knows. As a fabric lover, I know there is too much to choose from out there.
Do you make customs for the dinner napkins. Say if someone told you their kitchen colors?
Something to think about.
I love your items!

nikid said...


You already know that I love your products!!! However, to be perfectly honest you have to do add more items to your shop! If you list at least one item a day (2 or 3 preferably) it will be the best thing for you! I know it is hard - especially when you have children, but you need products, to sell products!

Good Luck!


LauraC said...

Okay here is my feedback as an occasional user of etsy, not an expert. But I do work in software, building applications all day!

In your Shop Announcement, you should really highlight first what differentiates you. You are committed to eco-friendly beautiful items. Make that the first or second sentence to highlight it. And in the first paragraph where you talk about when you learned to sew, I would move that to the personal paragraph where you talk about being a wife & mom. Make that first paragraph about your business and why your business is awesome (aka you should buy!).

On the listings, the one that stands out at me is the first listing: the Heather Bailey Cocktail Napkins. Because etsy only displays a little bit of text on the preview page, all I can see is "Heather Bailey Coc" - and it looks like you're just selling heather bailey fabric. I would start it off by saying "Cloth Napkins - Heather Bailey Cocktail or Lunch" or something like that so people can quickly see you are selling cloth napkins.

Also from a personal point of view, I would rather buy a gorgeous luggage tag than a business card holder. Remember most of the people on etsy are women and women are less likely to work outside the home. (Or if they do, like me, I carry business cards in my wallet.) So I would change those listings to list luggage tag first then business card.

Again ignore all this feedback if you like! This all comes from MY personal taste. Overall love your shop and LOVE what you are promoting. Eco can be beautiful!

Janna said...

To start with, I LOVE your name; camping and cupcakes being two of my favorite things in the world. :) And the "Sweet Sustainability" tagline is adorable. Your stuff is beautiful. I agree with what LauraC said about about slightly changing your Shop Announcement and luggage tag/HeatherBailey listings.

I would like to see a less girly-looking luggage tag (I'm specifically thinking about buying two for our trip to Georgia this spring and while I'm in love w/ all of the current ones, I want something more simple/manly for my husband's suitcase) and a long strapped purse/bag, but that's just because my purse broke and I can't find a cute replacement.

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