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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am one of THOSE people...

I own a Toyota Prius, we cloth diapered our son, use cloth wipes for wiping noses, and I am thrilled that so many people have been reducing their waste by purchasing cloth napkins from my new store. Recently, when someone found out these things about me, they said to me "So, you are one of THOSE..." I responded "Proudly!" Since I am not sure EXACTLY what was meant by that, I have my ideas and felt that the topic needed a little discussion.

My desire for Camp Cupcake (and my home!) is to share "Sweet Sustainability." But what does that mean? Some of my friends can tell you that I have often gone a little overboard showing how easy and cute cloth diapers can be. My husband can tell you about all my crazy antics to get him to use only kitchen towels instead of paper towels. I believe strongly that many people don't make an attempt to be green because they think that it is a) too hard or b) have some crazy idea that it is some ugly burlap way of life. I have made it my personal and business goal to share how fabulous green can be! To be honest with you, I am not sure that the world will implode from global warming (and since the world will die by a large Mayan lizard god in 2012, it probably won't matter-ha!) I have read what seems to be quality research that supports doomsday fears and research that speaks against it. I don't know if I "believe" in alot of what many of my fellow "greenie's" talk about. My reasons for being eco-friendly is much more simple: I don't believe in waste. It may seem ironic for someone who wants to grow her business in 2010, but I believe strongly in the phrase "Waste not, want not." I, personally, want to WANT LESS in 2010. I want people to buy products that allow them to waste less...whether that is by creating less trash at dinner time or by putting less waste back into the eco-system.

How can YOU live green? Use reusable products. Use products that are ALREADY made and in the consumer marketplace (VINTAGE goodies would be my personal favorite way to do this!). Recycle what you DO use. UPcycle by reusing items in a new way (be crafty!) Go old-school in your cleaning (No need to buy pricey high-end "green" cleaning products: baking soda and vinegar are REALLY efficient and SO inexpensive!) And, yes, I will say that supporting handmade is a good way to "go green." Resourceful handmade artists often produce less waste than large commercial operations. And they are incredibly creative with their ideas to help YOU produce less waste.

Some of my favorite "green" products right now:


LauraC said...

I could go on and on about the great reasons to be eco (did you know most dumps are in low-income areas and dumps SERIOUSLY adversely affect the health of children in those areas?) but just wanted to say LOVE THIS. I would buy some of your beautiful cloth napkins but we have plenty!

Liz said...

I can't wait to learn how to be greener from you! :) You know with your beautiful fabrics, you should make market bags. I'll show you a link where I bought a couple AND I think I have the pattern for it too. They would fit your shop perfectly!

laura evans/photography said...

i wish i could be as green as you are chica, i'm trying with the small things but being stationed overseas doesn't help ... wonderful blog & thank you for including me in it!

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