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Friday, June 4, 2010

{Aperature and Actions, Oh my!} Photography Resources

Thank you to all that commented and offered to help when I shared that I was wanting to learn all about taking better pictures. I have been reading about shutter speed, aperature, what all the buttons on my camera do and about using Photoshop correctly...
{my brain is a tad bit swampy after taking in all that information!}

I have fallen in love with using different "actions" to correct my shoddy photography and have even been playing around with the camera on the Manual settings. {Oh my!}

from my first mini photo shoot on manual (and unedited!)...

Look Ma, I figured out to change the shutter speed and capture water splashing!

Now if someone could just tell me how to get a rapidly-approaching-3 year old to sit still or atleast face me when I try to take pictures, I would appreciate it!

Favorite photography resources {so far!}:

The Pioneer Woman "What the Heck?" series: aperature, shutterspeed and more

The Pioneer Woman Photoshop Action Downloads

Coffee Tea Photography Blog: home of my favorite "Little Perk" action (to just add a little bit more color) I want this UNmanual for digital photography so much!!!

Laura Evans/photography: my favorite fine art photographer of the moment {She is a fellow military wife, runner and has an amazing eye for everyday things in life. Love her!} This print is my favorite today!


LauraC said...

I have the UNManual and love it!!
A couple of tips someone else told me on manual (one of my friends Lesley from Barr Babies is a professional photographer)... if you slightly overexpose pictures of people (1/3-1/2 stop) it helps even out their skin tone. And if you change your setting from One Shot to AI Servo, it helps the camera focus as children move.

I also love PW Actions! I went a little crazy with them when I first found them now I am back to trying to perfect things in camera.

Heather said...

Thanks, Laura...I think you may have completely sold me on the expense of the UNmanual! Of course, now I am craving a new lense that will let me have higher aperature settings! Crazy me :)

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