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Thursday, June 3, 2010

{To my husband} 10 things I love about you

1. You want to spend time with me.

2. You are an amazing, patient and loving father

3. It is evident that you are a respected (and liked) leader at work.

4. You support new things I want to try and don't give me too much trouble when I don't stick to them.

5. You push the stroller when we run together (and a million other things that make my life easier!)

6. You seem to have an infinite amount of patience with me.

7. You take steps in directions that you would never go without me wanting to-just because you love me.

8. You are secure in who and what you are and are not concerned about how I will reflect on you.

9. You love and show respect for your whole family.

10. You make me want to be a better person.

I am your biggest fan and I aim to be a better cheerleader for you for the next 50 years.

Happy 10th Anniversary!




LauraC said...

Happy anniversary!

Janna said...

Gah! You all are so cute! Happy Anniversary!

BlueRoomGems said...

Happy anniversary! This is really sweet. :)

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