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Monday, May 24, 2010

Three people: May Edition

While searching and reading in the "blogosphere" all about taking better pictures of your family, one constant piece of advice was to make sure that you, the mom or photographer, made sure to get out from behind the camera sometime. Whether it was a lack of self-confidence on how we look or a fear of losing control over the situation (as in, we worry that a timer/spouse/stranger may not take as good a picture as we would have), we tend to stay on the other side of the lense and leave ourselves out.

However, "perfect" photography is not my aim in taking pictures: I want to capture moments of how life is right now and I want to be present in those moments.

So, on Thursday evening, with my hair a little dirty and in a ponytail, after a long day at a doctor's office confirming that my son's heart was now perfect (yeah!), and with my husband handling the grill work while I learned to work the timer on the new camera, we captured this moment.

I am making a commitment to take a family picture in some shape or form every month for the rest of the year.

Will you join me?


Janna said...

1. You look beautiful!

2. WONDERFUL news about your son's health!

3. I need to do this more - there are only about five photos of me with the boys and they're over two years old. Sad. Going to learn how to use my timer asap!

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