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Monday, May 10, 2010

a walk in the park...

Yesterday, we took a little break to take a walk in the park. Little mini-trails in our local park are perfect for short legs that are more into finding neat things than exercise (although the fresh air and energy burn off did lead to a great naptime!)

It is amazing to see how interesting the most mundane things {to me} are to a two year old...

The whole walk was infused with strong floral smelled amazing
{until I got home and had to partake in some serious allergy medicine}

We found massive pine cones...seriously, some were close to a foot tall. They would make one heck of a peanut butter bird feeder!

We played I-spy through the trees.
{I-spy is the new obsession around our house lately...}

We discovered a tree that was the meal ticket for hungry wood-peckers...

We found tiny pine cones that were good for accesorizing otherwise mundane sticks

The small pine cone became the official souvenir from the trip...

The neatest part was that I relinquished all control over the direction taken on this was symbolic of how much my little guy is growing up and it made me equal sad and happy.
{We walked around this wooden bridge 5 times}
Remember my spring goals? This week has become a culmination of starting this new season of life: my first graduate class is coming to an end (lengthy paper due this weekend), we are running a 10K this weekend and a duathlon next weekend (my husband's first multi-sport race!), and my garden is coming along nicely (except for the broccoli that seems to go from too-small-to-cut to already flowered overnight!)
P.S. The above due dates and busy schedule have translated into low inventory over at Camp Cupcake, but I wanted to toot my horn a bit: we have been open 6 months today and my sales have surpassed my goals ten-fold. I look forward to getting back on track in order to move onto an even greater second half of this first year!


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Looks like you had so much fun. Great pictures!!!!

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