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Monday, December 21, 2009

Weapons of Mass Craftiness

My apologies for the cheesy title :) But I love cheesy and my new crafty tools so I had to share!

Watch out, world! I have a yo-yo maker and pins!
(What can I do with those, you ask?)

I am so glad you asked :) How about a cute yo-yo and felt holly pin for the holidays?

Or how about a cute little wristlet to keep mommy's goodies in...with a fun flower made of fabric, felt and, yes...wait for it...a yo-yo!

Some really small things make me happy...polka dots and my little labels to name two!

AND, if you feel like adding a little fabric and felt bling to your outfit, just un-pin the flower from your bag and pin it to your clothes! How cool is that? (My husband tells me it is NOT as cool as I seem to think it is, but, darn it, I am proud of myself!)

What crafty tools are YOU using nowadays? Tell me about them so that I can know (um, so that I can go buy them and try 'em out)!


nikid said...

Very nice! I cannot wait and see what else you come up with to sell!

Penny said...

Your so silly, but I really enjoy your crafty ideas. Love you

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