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Monday, March 1, 2010

Motivation Monday-Spring Goal Setting

As you could tell from my last Friday Finds post, I am a bit ready for spring to be here! We have two days last week of beautiful weather and the bug has officially bitten me. Spring has always been a bit of a new start for me-much more so than the "New Year" since I can't imagine short, cold days motivating me to do much more than burrow under a heavy quilt! This year, I hope to challenge myself to do some of the things I have always wanted to do but felt I didn't have the time to commit to. (And, to be honest, I am not sure that I have the time to commit but I am hoping to learn some better time management skills along the way!)

So-here I post my spring goals for all the world to see (Challenge me! Join me!):

-train for a late spring/early summer race (maybe a sprint tri? TriDivas has some super cute tri-gear and great training programs. And this training program from Shape magazine is very easy to follow!)

-start a small herb and vegetable garden (I am following the advice in starting a garden with repurposed materials from Simple Organic and will be going the square foot gardening route. I tasked my husband with building me this super simple and inexpensive container gardening box.)

-beginning a master's program (Accepted and registered for classes and my husband and I are doing the same program. At the same time. The same classes. Please pray for us! Seriously- we are counting the positives...we only have to buy one set of books, we have a built-in study partner and we balance each other well in our viewpoints! Can't wait!)

What are your goals going into the spring? Are you re-evaluating ones you made at the New Year? I have a ton more things that I want to do, but look forward to accomplishing the three above goals with my family and for myself.


Janna said...

WOW! That is insane and awesome that you and your husband are both getting your master's together!

We do season family goals/fun plans, so we made winter goals back in December and we have until March 21 to do them. We have two left - snowshoe and hike, which is much harder than it sounds with the babies. We're not sure yet how to take them along. They won't ride in the backpacks right now.

Then our spring goals are landscape yard, build a fence, fix dryrot in roof, paint bedroom, swim w/ babies 4 x, bike to church 4 x (these two are on the list every season), trip to Savannah to visit my sister and brother-in-law (tix already bought for mid-May and the grandparents are babysitting for the week - booyah!) and make playdough.

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