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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crafty thoughts...creating for others

Before I "had a business" (when will I feel comfortable enough saying that where I don't put quotation marks around that?) I crafted for myself and my camper. (The co-director doesn't quite appreciate manly crafty things...) Sometimes, I would participate in crafty "swaps" where I would make things for strangers and their families and someone would mail something to me. The police detective in me had to overcome some jaded distrust issues to do this, but these swaps gave me a huge amount of satisfaction! I had to get creative about what THEY would like (not just want I liked) and what would work for their family. It truly pushed me beyond my comfort level and challenged me.

Unlike my mother, I am NOT a person with a natural servant/giver's heart. I confess to strongly disliking all holidays that require gift giving. But the creative process in creating for strangers was different than creating for those that know me. It was that fun sort of know...the one where you have the greatest reward when you are done! This week, I launched Camp Cupcake Designs and the rewards have already started coming in. I have had a couple of sales but the coolest part to me is that people want me to create for them. My napkins have proved to be one of my "hot items" and I am working on some custom orders for people.

People want me to create for them...How awesome is that?


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