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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

brought to you by the letter E...

We follow the preschool prep curriculum from Letter of the Day and we have a blast doing it. I admit to slacking on the last couple of weeks but it is fun putting together our board each week.

Sourdough bread in the making...E comments that raw sourdough bread dough is NOT good but tastes delicious with homemade broccoli and cheese soup for dinner. Mmmmmm...

We made a lighthouse for craft time today. Well, it was supposed to be a turned out to be a strange cylinder with random scissor cuts with a flashlight inside. However, this is AWESOME fun when you are two and getting to play with the flashlight in the dark bathroom...

mommy craft time in progress

I have no idea what I will put in this cute little bag. It still needs a button attached but I am pretty happy with it! I confess to having a bit of an obsession with
Moda pre-cut fabrics and absolutely LOVE all the little projects you can make with them so easily!


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